How did I become a mother?

It’s been six months of working from home while becoming a mother. Why did I call it “becoming?” Well, for about eight years, I never knew the real meaning of being a mother. I had to work, away from my eldest for 10 to 14 hours a day just to provide for my son and my mom who’s taking care of him. Usually, my work is during the night and I travel around an hour or so from home to work. Then, I go home the following morning seeing my kid still sleeping. I admit it is exhausting. Aside from … Continue reading How did I become a mother?

A Woman’s Worth

Nowadays, a lot of women base their value on what the media tells them to be. ” You need to be slim to be noticed. ” But this doesn’t actually end up to be a very easy task. We keep on chasing what is trending, what is most wanted by men–until we finally realize that at the end of the day, this isn’t what really matters. It was such a privilege to attend the We Talk last August 15th.  This made me realize how precious I am to God’s eyes. Here are some of the truths: We are a masterpiece … Continue reading A Woman’s Worth


Wow, I can’t believe what I found out from google when I searched the word “selfie.”  I never thought it would actually show up with a legit meaning.  And here you go: Because of this, I was inspired to share some of my techniques that I learned from my past “selfie” mistakes. Use a camera that has a larger megapixel. It’s not necessary for you to have a very expensive one, though. Always have a good lighting.  Most of us do edit our photos, I should say. I just noticed that the clearer the original photo was, the lesser edit … Continue reading Selfie

The Power of Confidence

About 10 years ago, back in secondary school days, I use to perceive my self as an ugly duckling. When I walk, I was always looking down at my feet like I am totally ashamed of every body. A great contributor to the way I acted was my being a fatherless.  Till one day I realized how blessed I am to be given this precious life. I started to see things differently. This is when I started to possess self-confidence. My classmates in college noticed the change too.  When I walk, I walk straight already. I started to gain self-esteem … Continue reading The Power of Confidence

Benefits of a Glass of Milk before sleeping

I personally recommend drinking a glass of milk before going to bed.  This time around, sleeping has become crucial for me as I work 9 hours at night and sleep 5-7 hours during the day.  My body, for the last couple of weeks has responded well to the calcium I intake coming from this magical milk. Here are the benefits I noticed: – glowing skin – strengthens my backs as I do a lot of work in front of computers – helps me sleep soundly – effective supplement for reducing body fat (as per Wikipedia) Make it a habit to … Continue reading Benefits of a Glass of Milk before sleeping

Tips To Get Hired

My inspiration to write this  blog is when I  had to start from scratch again applying for a new career on online jobs. Online job is certainly different from the site based one but when you are on the process of application to get hired, it’s somehow similar. Here are some of fresh tips I could share to get that career you desire to: Know what you want You can’t just have an interview without knowing what kind of career you are going to deal with. If it’s your first time to apply for a job and you just graduated, I … Continue reading Tips To Get Hired

The Farm at San Benito Experience

My stay here in Lipa, Batangas Philippines has been great for the last 3 years now.  One of the nearest spots that I couldn’t have imagined finding a paradise  her e was when I discovered The Farm at San Benito.  located at the very heart of Batangas, Lipa; I traveled for about 10 mins from home which is in Monte Claro homes.  I had my jaw dropped when I saw the views inside.  People are really accommodating, air that I breath was fresh, the calmness and serenity was awesome.  The first thing I looked for was the pool.  To my amazement,  I … Continue reading The Farm at San Benito Experience

Ways To Win a Woman’s Heart

Tonight, I got an opportunity to talk to some of my closest girlfriends at work.  I took the chance to ask them questions relating to how they commonly gets attracted and ending up saying yes to their previous relationships and the current ones.  Here are the things I’ve uncovered: Humor If a guy can make me smile and I wouldn’t be having any dull moment with him, I wouldn’t hesitate spending more time with him and to get to know him in the long run. This was a statement made by a friend of mine. I just realized how humor impacts … Continue reading Ways To Win a Woman’s Heart