Befriend with your kid

I learned that being a parent isn’t easy.  But I’m totally happy to know that s kids grow older, they become open minded. My son, Zoe, is already 5 years old and one of the observations I saw in him is that he asks ten thousand questions a day.  At first, I was a bit annoyed but I came to realization that this is the stage when he is starting to open his mind to the reality of life and little by little, he is saving those things he learns in his mind just like a new computer that stores data in its memory.

Befriending means letting him feel at ease or comfortable in opening up or asking you questions.  If he asked something that’s quite hard to answer, take a deep breath and think before you say it.  Make sure it’s something beneficial.

Relate to his/her hobbies.  My son likes watching interesting facts in Youtube like how to take care of your pets, turtles, etc…I don’t want to hinder his interests so I decided to give him all his free time this vacation month watching those.  I just make sure that I also take time watching with him and explaining the importance and some lessons he could learn.

Know what he likes. When it comes to dressing up, my son already knows how to decide. If I don’t find his preference cool, I tell him and he accepts opinion openly.

Don’t call him baby anymore.  As part of his growth, he don’t wanna be called baby anymore.  My son likes to be called “boy” instead.

Buy him some pets.  Lesson behind this is teaching him sense of responsibility.  At an early age, it’s cool to learn it as he grows old because it helps him mature early.

Yes, it’s not easy but with some tricks and techniques; we could certainly make mommyhood  lighter and happier as we cross this journey called life.

Zoe was few months old here.
Zoe at 5 years old.
Zoe at 2 years old.

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