Hair Routine 101

At this stage where my hair is pretty long and colored, I couldn’t afford to not have a good routine for it, otherwise I will be going out with a totally messy hair.  These are the things I do religiously:

Regularly wash your hair

For girls, it’s called hygiene to wash hair everyday. As they say, hair is our crowing glory, hence hair has to smell good, has to shine, has to be soft and the only way to achieve it is to make sure that we do daily hair washing.

Shampoo-less; condition more

Everyday, it’s a routine for me to put just a little bit of shampoo and more of conditioner.  Reason behind this is I have a dry type of hair and scalp so the tendency is the more it gets conditioned, the more it gets moisten.

Use big tooth comb

After bathing, I finish of my routine with my favorite big tooth comb.


This avoids hair fall as it removes tangle and slowly.  Once the hair dries up, I finish it up with a comb that has smaller tooth.  This gives my hair the shine I desire.

There, this is proven and tested.


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