The Power of Confidence

About 10 years ago, back in secondary school days, I use to perceive my self as an ugly duckling. When I walk, I was always looking down at my feet like I am totally ashamed of every body. A great contributor to the way I acted was my being a fatherless.  Till one day I realized how blessed I am to be given this precious life. I started to see things differently. This is when I started to possess self-confidence.

My classmates in college noticed the change too.  When I walk, I walk straight already. I started to gain self-esteem after discovering that a little bit of personal relation with my classmates, smiling all the time, showing some abilities and sharing it them made a lot of difference.

It is not a one day process but little by little as you learn how to discover some great things about yourself and learn to value and love yourself, success it definitely at your hand.

Here’s how I discovered and used confidence positively:

I was a couple of months old here, mom is holding me.
I was about 15 here. Again, with my mom on the left.
This was my recent photo.

Start to see things positively now.


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