Wow, I can’t believe what I found out from google when I searched the word “selfie.”  I never thought it would actually show up with a legit meaning.  And here you go:

Because of this, I was inspired to share some of my techniques that I learned from my past “selfie” mistakes.

  • Use a camera that has a larger megapixel. It’s not necessary for you to have a very expensive one, though.
  • Always have a good lighting.  Most of us do edit our photos, I should say. I just noticed that the clearer the original photo was, the lesser edit needed. Of course, this improves our skin texture and color too.
  • Prepare. Do not overdo your make up.  Do it as if “things fall into places” meaning it’s like a momentum that needs to be captured and so you’ve got your mobile camera and click  it to save that memory.
  • Show your facial expression.  I do not encourage being sad when doing a selfie because for me it’s just you know, it’s make it or break it.  I like seeing myself with a warm smile on my lips.  Or if I needed to, I wouldn’t smile but I would make my eyes tantalize. I don’t know how to word it out but I’ll show you some examples below.
  • Selfie could be portrait but could also be whole body shot.  From the root word “self”, so it mainly shows yourself.
  • Find a great background.  Although it’s all about yourself, it’s a no-no for you to take a selfie with clutter on your background.  It could be nature, your home but find a comfortable place like living room, and the like.
  • Share.  Select a website where your photos are safely managed like Photobucket, Flickr and some more.

Here are some of my selfie

Just woke up yet had time to put a little bit of brow liner and matte lipstick by ELF.
This was taken about 5 years ago.
Taken just couple of months ago. Pointed the camera, used my right hand and click.
This was a shot from Sony Experia T2, set the timer and walahhh!
This one’s taken by my partner. I like the nature background, that’s my garden.
I took this shot while resting at a public place.
Taken at home, love the sunshine effect on my hair.
I braid my own hair, that’s one of my talents!

Happy sharing everyone!


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