Wow, I can’t believe what I found out from google when I searched the word “selfie.”  I never thought it would actually show up with a legit meaning.  And here you go: Because of this, I was inspired to share some of my techniques that I learned from my past “selfie” mistakes. Use a camera that has a larger megapixel. It’s not necessary for you to have a very expensive one, though. Always have a good lighting.  Most of us do edit our photos, I should say. I just noticed that the clearer the original photo was, the lesser edit … Continue reading Selfie

The Power of Confidence

About 10 years ago, back in secondary school days, I use to perceive my self as an ugly duckling. When I walk, I was always looking down at my feet like I am totally ashamed of every body. A great contributor to the way I acted was my being a fatherless.  Till one day I realized how blessed I am to be given this precious life. I started to see things differently. This is when I started to possess self-confidence. My classmates in college noticed the change too.  When I walk, I walk straight already. I started to gain self-esteem … Continue reading The Power of Confidence

Hair Routine 101

At this stage where my hair is pretty long and colored, I couldn’t afford to not have a good routine for it, otherwise I will be going out with a totally messy hair.  These are the things I do religiously: Regularly wash your hair For girls, it’s called hygiene to wash hair everyday. As they say, hair is our crowing glory, hence hair has to smell good, has to shine, has to be soft and the only way to achieve it is to make sure that we do daily hair washing. Shampoo-less; condition more Everyday, it’s a routine for me to … Continue reading Hair Routine 101