9 Things About Myself

This was meant to be my first blog but I decided to write this in the middle, just to really go out of the usual.  Here are some facts about me: I’m a mom of a 6-year-old boy I’m a make up/ cosmetic lover The only site based career I had worked on is on BPO or call center industry I’m a coffee lover I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant couple of years ago I sing and I’m a music lover I am a fan of art I don’t have any vices I love life I hope all of … Continue reading 9 Things About Myself

Hair Routine 101

At this stage where my hair is pretty long and colored, I couldn’t afford to not have a good routine for it, otherwise I will be going out with a totally messy hair.  These are the things I do religiously: Regularly wash your hair For girls, it’s called hygiene to wash hair everyday. As they say, hair is our crowing glory, hence hair has to smell good, has to shine, has to be soft and the only way to achieve it is to make sure that we do daily hair washing. Shampoo-less; condition more Everyday, it’s a routine for me to … Continue reading Hair Routine 101

Befriend with your kid

I learned that being a parent isn’t easy.  But I’m totally happy to know that s kids grow older, they become open minded. My son, Zoe, is already 5 years old and one of the observations I saw in him is that he asks ten thousand questions a day.  At first, I was a bit annoyed but I came to realization that this is the stage when he is starting to open his mind to the reality of life and little by little, he is saving those things he learns in his mind just like a new computer that stores … Continue reading Befriend with your kid

Why Choose BPO?

Back in 2007 when I started to work in this industry, I never thought about lasting long here. It was outbound sales industry that my line of business was initially directed. Never would have I imagined that until now, this is going to be my forte. At my early career stage, my eyes were open to so many great things because of this path I’ve chosen. Here are some of the benefits I am enjoying till now deciding to stay. Great pay Comparable to the usual work that you will choose like clerical and manual woks; this job is way … Continue reading Why Choose BPO?

How to apply CC Cream

CC cream is used by some brands to mean Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream, and some brands claim to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. I personally use AVON ANEW 360 WHITE 15-IN-1 CC CREAM SPF 30/PA+++ for the last 3 months now and the result was totally amazing. Girls, it’s not really the brand that totally matters but find something that will fit it to your needs is really important. Here are some tips on how to apply CC Cream First, squeeze ample amount of your favorite CC cream … Continue reading How to apply CC Cream

Finger lickin good

Have you ever get to experience street food? I bet most of us here in the Philippines are familiar with “tusok tusok” which is a very popular delicacy on street. Street food has become one of the fillers of Filipinos. Some actually prepare siomai, fishballs, Barbeques and the like for dinner, snacks. Here are some photos if you haven’t seen any in the past As you could see, the food is a bit fatty and if you are health conscious, you have to really eat minimal level. These food may look pretty average to some, but I got to talk … Continue reading Finger lickin good

What Inspires Me To Write

“I’m but an ordinary individual who is aspiring to be known for my writings.”  Probably this is what my inner self will tell me to say if I’ll be asked to reason out on what inspires me to write, but that is NOT who I am.  I am writing first of all because I want to learn.  Learning takes some time and this is how I do it!  I keep on writing my thoughts, let it flow freely and so I would develop a sense of coordination with my creation. I usually start from the general thoughts down to the specific … Continue reading What Inspires Me To Write

A call

  It was 5:44 am and ” a call ” made my day.  Being a customer service representative for a year and a month made me become so used to what I do daily.  What I say, how I treat people over the phone, and how i perform daily become so monotonous to me.  But today is UNIQUE.  A customer named Heerlein, Judy from Rockaway Park, FL called in to ask for an assistance about her acct w/ us.  I noticed how her heart pounds as she heard me stating my introduction ” Thank you for calling  —, how can I help you?” … Continue reading A call

This is how I like it

This is how I like itTagged by Antisoccermom Here are my answers:1. weather – partly sunny but somehow humid…2. eggs – Sunny side up, I like it when the yolk is still half cooked.3. movies -Hard to predict ending.4. showers -with rose petals and sweet smells of bath soaps.5. sex – clearly analyzed—agreed upon the two of us and both responsible for all our actions.6. parties – with good sounds and nice people to talk to.7. drinks – non alcoholic or just juice…i’m allergic 8. hair – smells fresh and always organized.9. dates – 12/22, 02/0910. kisses – passionate11. cars – any brand12. … Continue reading This is how I like it

No restrictions…

There are so many things I should be thankful for.  I’ve been silent for the past few days or probably weeks because I was really focus to the changes I face regarding my work and personal life.  And now,I’M BACK….My wish was granted when I tried typing in the http://www.xanga.com on my address bar at the office.  My hands were actually shaking because I am restricted…but the good thing is, they don’t have a surveillance camera So what I do is encode, talk, encode, talk…I’m thinking what my punishment will be if they caught me blogging while working..hmmmm.  But one … Continue reading No restrictions…