No restrictions…

There are so many things I should be thankful for.  I’ve been silent for the past few days or probably weeks because I was really focus to the changes I face regarding my work and personal life.  And now,I’M BACK….My wish was granted when I tried typing in the on my address bar at the office.  My hands were actually shaking because I am restricted…but the good thing is, they don’t have a surveillance camera So what I do is encode, talk, encode, talk…I’m thinking what my punishment will be if they caught me blogging while working..hmmmm.  But one … Continue reading No restrictions…

How do you communicate?

             I went to a government agency this morning to do something about my important documents .  After finishing my task for the day, I dropped by to the big mall near our house to buy some groceries.  As soon as I finished buying our necessities, I saw a food stand that sells shawarma.  This popular dish and fast-food staple across the Middle East is very memorable to my relationship with my boyfriend.  He taught me how to eat it, btw.       I chose a place at the center of the food court to observe people.  This is a … Continue reading How do you communicate?

Self-centered biography: focuses on my life story…

          My real name is Danica which literally means -“morning star.”  My mom said it was originated from her name; Leticia, my dad’s name; Dionisio and my grannie’s name; Domingga.  But that explanation seems weird to me…I am a pure blooded Filipina ( from Philippines ), who started to breathe mother Earth’s air on a stormy night of July 22, 1987.           Unica Hija, that’s my position–an only child. I am fatherless.  My dad died when I was just 4 months old and since then, my mom raised me up.  I grew up in a rural area, Marinduque where Moriones … Continue reading Self-centered biography: focuses on my life story…


This is  the word that I should learn to deal with for this current issue in my life: FlexibilityI need to learn to work in a normal way again.I need to learn to travel again.I need to be strong again.I need to compete again.I need to change plans again.I need to adopt.My platforms in life has been suddenly changed because I need to consider this change in my work environment.  I actually started working from home since February of this year.  It’s been 9 months without traveling, without being supervised personally by our team leads, without seeing the outside world.(haha) and … Continue reading Flexibility


I’m not in the position to preach nor to boast.  I purposely wrote this blog for people who open their mind to every possibilities in their lives.Principles about respect:Respect begets respect      Do you believe in karma?  That idea is applied to this principle.  Sow it, reap it.  It is as simple as action-reaction.Respect is priceless.      Popularity is NOT my # 1 reason why I blog and write good post.  What I only believe is that good writing and consensus here in Xanga means gaining respect from these people who actually read not just because they’re killing their time , instead … Continue reading Respect

Are you willing to wait?

                       or   ?In every aspect of our lives, we  wait.Before a baby is born.  It takes 9 months before a newborn baby see the world, breathe the world’s pollution ( ^ _ ^ ) and begin to start his life.  Before working.  Here in my country, it takes 14 years before finishing college bachelor’s degree, this is not inclusive of other pre studies before taking formal education; for you to be able to contribute to the society and have your own source of income.Stomach full.  Before we become satisfy to our hungry, we need to wait for the food to … Continue reading Are you willing to wait?

How to heal a broken heart

Don’t be emotional.  Use your mind over your heart. You will have hard time thinking correctly once you become too sensitive and will cry over some things.  Think.  Don’t procrastinate by crying over spilled urine.  Damage has been done and the only rational thing to think about is SOLUTION.Try to be busy.  Our physical body reacts on how our operating system tells us so..our BRAIN.  If we always linger on sadness and negative ideas, it will be hard for us to move forward to the next episode of our life.  Have some quality time with your loved ones.  When we start to fall … Continue reading How to heal a broken heart

Dear God, Thanks!

After finishing my long and tiresome shift today which is from 9pm to 6am Manila time, I was completely exhausted.  I even slept for like few minutes on my chair in a sideward position when I dial one of our customers phone number…hoping my Team Leader isn’t monitoring our “wrap up” time—duration call is disconnected till I drop it.Enough of the funny things I do during my work hours, ( this should be kept secret, I guess ) for there is more important subject that I wanted to be the core of my blog today. I want this space to be my silent … Continue reading Dear God, Thanks!